UAW Mack Truck Members Strike - Update

UAW Mack Truck workers sacrifice for fair pay, benefits and job security protections

Detroit – Approaching a week, UAW Mack Truck workers continue to strike for fair pay, benefits and job security protections.

“We appreciate the picket line solidarity of our members across three states and six locations as they work for a fair contract,” said UAW Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry, director of the UAW Heavy Truck Department.

Curry said there has been an outpouring of community support. “It is not easy to strike – on workers, on their families, and on their communities,” said Curry. “Public support means so much in a time of struggle for what is right.”

Bargaining will restart on Monday and Curry said he hopes for progress with Mack Truck executives.

“Mack Truck members want a new agreement that is in their best interest. Our members and the company’s employees deserve job security for the future.”

Curry reiterated that UAW members get up every day and put in long hard hours of work from designing to building Mack trucks. “UAW members carry on their shoulders the profits of Mack and they are simply asking for dignity, fair pay and job protections.”

“The last four years we have helped Mack Truck make significant profit through our work,” said Doug Irvine, President of Local 2301 and President of the Mack Truck Council. “All we are asking is that the company treat us with the dignity and respect we deserve in making them successful.”

Mack Truck has plants in Allentown, PA; Middletown, PA; Hagerstown, MD; Baltimore, MD; and Jacksonville, FL.