Applications are now open for the Our Labor, Our Movement (OLOM) June-September 2024 cohort! OLOM is a three month full-time paid internship to hone your organizing skills.

Coming into 2024, we are in an important moment in the labor movement.

The Region 6 Political Action & Leadership Conference was an incredibly energizing start to 2024! More than 450 active & retired members came together from across all areas

As 2023 comes to a close, we have much to celebrate in the incredible work we’ve accomplished together in just our first year as a re-formed Region 6: 

November has been another busy month in Region 6, with members across sectors working to build a fighting labor movement! Throughout 2023, more and more workers across the region have recognized the power of a union for securing a real say in their working conditions. And thanks to countless 1-1 organizing conversations, mass meetings, political action, and much more – workers in campaign after campaign are winning decisive union recognition campaigns.

In September and October, members have been organizing tirelessly, and throughout the Region we’re winning historic victories – from record tentative agreements in the Big 3, to the overwhelming election win at the University of Alaska, to fighting campaigns for first contracts at USC and WSU, and much more. Workers in Region 6 are showing that when we build solidarity and mass collective action across sectors, we have the power to win more than just strong contracts for members.

The 2024 Region 6 Political Action and Leadership Conference will be January 12-14 in Pico Rivera, California. Registration is due December 12. Open to all members & workers on Region 6 organizing drives! Contact your Local union if you are interested. 

UPDATE: As of Monday, October 30, UAW members have won historic Tentative Agreements (TAs) at all of the Big 3 auto companies! All three TAs include massive improvments since the beginning of the Stand Up Strike:

The contract campaign for UAW members at the Big 3 – Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis – is ramping up, with contracts expiring on September 14. Regardless of what sector you’re in, your action is needed to build the power to win record contracts auto workers deserve.

About 30 UAW 2162 members wearing red shirts pose with UAW signs.

We are excited to announce our 2023 Region 6 Education and Communication Conference, October 7-8, in Pico Rivera, California. 

Hot labor summer continues, with contract campaigns, political action, new organizing, solidarity actions, and more growing around the region. As with everything we do as a union and a labor movement, what we’re able to achieve is a direct function of how many members are actively participating to build power at every level. Keep reading to learn more about ongoing work and how you can plug in.