Our Labor, Our Movement: UAW Region 6 Training Program

The labor movement is at an exciting juncture where there is unprecedented interest in class solidarity, collective action, and worker power. UAW Region 6 invites you to apply to participate in the first cohort of the "Our Labor, Our Movement: UAW Region 6 Training Program" regional training program. When we organize, we win- will you join us?

About Region 6 

UAW Region 6 is a newly re-formed region of the UAW covering 9 Western States including California, Oregon, and Washington. We are a bottom-up driven, militant, strike ready region, ready to help transform the future of labor. UAW Region 6 is one of the fastest growing regions in the UAW, organizing over 25,000 new workers into UAW in the past four years. It was here where members at the University of California also launched the largest strike of 2022 – and the largest strike in higher education history – winning historic wage increases and standard-setting protections against harassment, discrimination and bullying. 

In the past year, in UAW Region 6, we have won an industry-changing contract for academic workers at the University of California, successfully won union recognition campaigns covering thousands of people across the western states, taken majority strike authorization votes and strike actions, and more. Looking forward, Region 6 workers are ready to continue the fight.

About the Program

The training will be a three month full-time paid internship. Participants will receive in person and remote training alongside other members of a cohort. Participants will also be placed on worker led campaigns in California or Washington, in order to receive hands-on experience. The industries will range from auto, to research, to higher education.

The program will start the last week of June and end in September. 

Desired Candidates

Qualified candidates will be able to demonstrate: 

  • A commitment to intersectional economic, racial, and social justice, and solidarity with working people across diverse workplaces and sectors. 
  • An interest in learning and developing democratic, worker-led organizing practices. 
  • Strong attention to detail, time management skills, and ability to work both independently and as part of a collaborative group.
  • The ability to meet with workers in a variety of locations on your assigned campaign. This role will include talking with workers both one-on-one and in groups. 
  • Ability to work some evenings and weekends

Prior organizing experience is not required, but may be a plus. 
Women, people of color, and LGBTQ community members are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply 

Please send a CV and a cover letter that speaks to the following questions. Send documents to [email protected].

  1. What is a union?
  2. What motivates you to participate in labor organizing?
  3. What experience, if any, do you have in collective action and/or one-to-one organizing? 

In your email, please also indicate your preferred location: Southern California, Northern California, Washington, or somewhere else in Region 6. 

The deadline to apply has been extended to April 7, 2023. 

Pay and benefits

Participants will be paid bi-weekly at about $2,800. Healthcare benefits are also available for the three months. If long distance travel is necessary, gas, housing, and per-diems are paid.