Region 6 Big 3 Strike Center

UPDATE: As of Monday, October 30, UAW members have won historic Tentative Agreements (TAs) at all of the Big 3 auto companies! All three TAs include massive improvments since the beginning of the Stand Up Strike:

  • Base wage increases of 25% over the life of the contracts (by comparison, wage increases over the past 20 years totaled 23% combined) 
  • Wage increases for temp wages between 150-168% 
  • Restoration of pre-2009 COLA
  • Elimination of multiple wage tiers 
  • Improvements to job security and climate justice, such as including battery production work in national master agreements and securing transfer rights for members whose work transitions to EVs. 

All of these historic wins are the direct result of members across the country actively participating in building a powerful strike. In Region 6, members of Locals 230, 492, 2162, and 6645 led the way, striking for 6 weeks and building power through regular coordination, rallies, community outreach, engaging elected officials, building internal organizing structure, and even dealing with private security forces hired by management to break the strike. Outside of the Big 3, members from all sectors in Region 6 turned out to picket lines, contributed to the hardship fund, and more. (A fundraiser led by Local 2865 raised $12,000 toward the strike support fund!) The takeaway is clear – we have serious power when we come together to take militant, mass participation action. 

Members are the highest authority of our union, and the Tentative Agreements will only go into effect if approved by the membership of Big 3 units. Over the coming weeks, members will review, discuss, and vote on the details of the respective agreements. For more info, check out the bargaining pages for each company: Ford, Stellantis, GM


Big 3 Autoworkers in Region 6 are ON STRIKE. 

As of 9/22/23 at 9am PT, UAW members at four Parts Distribution Centers in Region 6 are joining the historic Stand Up Strike: Local 230 (Ontario, CA), Local 492 (Portland, OR), Local 2162 (Reno, NV), and Local 6645 (Rancho Cucamonga, CA). At the same time, all Stellantis and GM PDCs across the country will be walking off the job, joining Local 12, Local 900, and Local 2250 who began striking on September 15. 

The Big 3 auto companies have made a quarter of a trillion dollars in profits in the past decade. In the first 6 months of 2023, they made $21 billion. CEO pay has risen 40% in the past four years. Record profits should mean record contracts for the auto workers who make the companies run. Despite this, the Big 3 continue refusing to meet members’ demands for fair pay and COLA, job security and a just transition, and an end to tiers. Management has made it clear they won’t agree to fair contracts without a fight. Whether you’re in a Big 3 local or not, every UAW member’s active participation is needed to build the solidarity and power it will take to win. 

Solidarity actions you can take today: 

  1. Sign on in support of Big 3 workers
  2. Join the picket lines! To get connected with others joining pickets in Southern California or Reno, sign on here: SoCal & Reno Flying Squadrons. To get connected with others joining pickets in Portland, sign on here: Portland Picket Support
  3. Contribute to the strike support & hardship fund
  4. Sign on to call for strong workforce standards in the transition to Electric Vehicles
  5. Join the next Solidarity Committee meeting. These meetings are open to all members and held via Zoom. Sign on to the Solidarity Pledge to get looped in to the next meeting! 

Picket Locations

California: Local 230, 5141 Santa Ana St, Ontario CA 91761
California: Local 6645, 9150 Hermosa Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Nevada: Local 2162, 6565 Echo Drive, Reno, NV 89506
Oregon: Local 492, 10030 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005

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